Apple patents a 3D system without glasses for mobile devices

If there are no negative surprises, Apple will present in September the iPhone 7 Plus / Pro with a two-lens camera (according to a rumor, 12 x 12 Megapixels). When we talk about this dual camera, I'm surprised that virtually no media mentions or imagines that Apple could use the second lens to create a 3D effect. But nobody talks about it does not eliminate it as a possibility, and a new patent by Tim Cook and company makes us think that they are preparing mobile devices that allow us to see 3D content without glasses.

The patent (via AppleInsider), called “Fine-Brusca Auto Stereoscopic Screen”, was made public last Tuesday, although it was filed on January 21, 2015. The described system would use a matrix of pixels with a second matrix of subpixels and structures of lens, the last being the one that emits light at various angles. The most important part of this system is what they have called “beam steerer” which is responsible for aim the right light for the observer.

The iPhone of the future could allow us to see 3D without glasses

To know what light and at what angle you have to emit the light, a iOS device would use the front camera and / or the accelerometer. The existing Macs do not have an accelerometer, but Apple does not rule out the possibility of using this system on the MacBook.

Explained a little above the patent, we have to talk a little about 3D without glasses on mobile devices. Although we can see this type of content "without help" on many TVs, it has not yet been released no mobile device that has been relevant offering the possibility of viewing 3D without glasses. Apple will not be the first company to launch an iPhone with dual camera, much less; LG already launched the Optimus 3D in 2011, but they didn't know how to sell it. This same year, Huawei will present a smartphone with dual camera a couple of weeks before the launch of the iPhone 7.

Explained the above, it has been a while since I've had the feeling that It is Apple who has to take this step. Here you can think that I say this because I am a fan of Apple and I am writing on iPhone News, but I think that when those of Cupertino teach the way forward in terms of dual cameras and 3D screens without glasses, the rest will follow them and everyone, absolutely All users will win.

As we always say, that a patent has been filed / obtained does not mean that we will see it in a future device, but this or another related to this patent if we will see it sooner or later. Also, if we consider that dual cameras can take 3D images, I think we will see it sooner rather than later. Wouldn't it be a blow on the table to see her already in the iPhone 7?

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