Apple patents system to detect screen breaks and learn about them

Since there are capacitive touch screens, there is a problem: these screens, with a glass covering the front panel, are prone to break and, incidentally, break our hearts. Once the screen is broken, we can do two things: use our broken phone or repair its front panel, which usually means we have to spend a lot of money. Apple knows this problem and for that reason it has patented a system that would detect screen breaks of your devices.

It is said that half of all smartphone users have seen their screen break at least once in their lifetime, while 21 percent of smartphone users are using it with a broken screen. The new Apple patent will not solve these breaks, or not at first, but it would serve to better understand how the panels break iPhone front, study all cases and improve the design so that the screens of the future are more resistant.

Breaks of the screens could have the days counted thanks to this patent

The new patent was published today February 17 under the name of “Protection glass fracture detection”And details a system that combine software and a sensor network that can detect the formation of breaks in the protective glass of a screen. Detection could be done in several ways, such as detecting gaps in the touch screen sensor, sending vibrations and detecting defects by analyzing the response or sending pulses of light through a series of prisms.

This break detection system would be able to differentiate between slits or major breaks like the one we can see in the image that heads this post while measuring the depth, length, width and extent of them. Once a fracture is detected, the device could notify the owner informing him about where the break is and if there has been internal damage. In some cases, the device would ask the user to confirm that there is a break in an area by selecting it with the finger.

As we mentioned earlier, the bad thing about this patent is that it does not prevent breakage, but it does It would help Apple technicians know where the break is and what is the best way to address the problem. On the other hand, we would also benefit from this patent by buying a future iPhone that, hopefully, would not be vulnerable to breakages of this type. Will we see it in the future?

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