Apple requests registration of the AirPods brand

The most controversial thing that will reach the apple's phone when the iPhone 7 is launched is related to the way we will listen to the music. Virtually all rumors and leaks ensure that the next iPhone will not have a 3.5mm headphone port, so there will be EarPods Lighntning in the box. Another rumor claimed that Apple was working on a special Bluetooth headset that would not use any cables (or between them), which we have known so far as Airpods.

Last October the registration of the AirPods brand was requested but, although it seemed that it was Apple who had submitted the application, there was not enough evidence to think so. The AirPods brand request was made by a company called Entertainment in Fight LLC and many thought it was one of those companies that uses Apple to hide its identity and not reveal its future plans. Now they have found enough evidence to think that that company acted on behalf of the Cupertino.

It seems that Apple will launch some AirPods in September?

The request that appeared this week is signed by Jonathan Brown, the alleged manager of Entertainment in Flight. It is the first time that a name is associated with the brand. As MacRumors has discovered, Jonathan Brown works for Apple as Senior Standards Advisor (LinkedIn). When comparing the signature of a court of presentation of a civil case of 2010 and that of the application of the AirPods brand, both with the name of Jonathan Brown (and the first one is known to be the Apple employee), it can be seen both signatures They match almost 100%.

The new documents have appeared a day before the end of the term of the trademark office, suggesting that Apple is still interested in protecting the AirPods brand. Rumors about these headphones say they would be Bluetooth and without any cables, something similar to what you can see in the image that heads this post. They are not, by far, the first wireless in-ear headphones. What seems more interesting is that they could also include Noise Cancellation. The question is: will we see the AirPods at the same time as the iPhone 7?

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