Apple returns to censor on the App Store, now a video game

The controversy looms over the system of repression against drugs that the Philippine government is imposing. Although the end seems appropriate, the methods are far from respect for Human Rights that are presumed to almost any civilized country. And since Apple does not lose a controversy, it could not be missed.

This is the story of how after a letter from a non-profit association Apple has agreed to remove a video game from the App Store. It is quite clear that the iOS application policy is the least diffuse, while continuing to give us news about the strong repression and strict system of rules that Apple imposes on developers.

For both Android and iOS, numerous applications have been launched that glorify the mode in the President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, has decided to eliminate drugs from the streets of their cities. Through challenges and euphemisms, these videogames encouraged the exaltation of the revered character, a President who is involved in an important mess of controversies due to his sharp rules that are at least not very compromising. And is that Apple also "points to a bombardment", because eliminate these applications that are really video games (no more sodium than others already present) and will not change the way people think.

Around 7,000 suspects of having contact with drugs have been executed in the Philippines so far this year, a catastrophic figure, but that has little to do with "Fighting Crime 2", the game that aims to mock the methods that Duterte takes to theoretically tackle the problem. Be that as it may, the iOS App Store is importantly politicized, while applications such as “Location For WhatsApp” that are clearly scams continue to take advantage of the most unsuspecting people who roam the App Store. It seems that these types of issues worry much less in Cupertino.

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