Apple strives to increase the production of AirPods

Apple with Tim Cook, in front they are trying their best to increase production of the wireless headphones of the firm, the AirPods. In this case we are facing a really strange case if we take into account the rest of the company's products and the most recent releases by adding the iPhone, since it is not at all normal that after more than half a year of its launch these headphones continue to show exhausted

After the Q3 financial results conference, Cook himself warned of the problems in the production of these AirPods and was willing to change the situation as soon as possible, but evidently the demand seems to be higher than the production capacity And this is a problem.

From the beginning the Apple AirPods were shown as a really important product for users and when they announced many were launched for purchase, now some time later We continue with the same shortage as at the beginning of sales.

Definitely AirPods are sold alone with phrases like this:

You take them out of the case and they already work with all your devices. You put them on and they start ringing instantly. You speak and your voice is clearly heard. So are the AirPods: simplicity and technology together in headphones that are pure magic.

The problem is that there is no product stock in stores and users do not want to wait so long to receive them, so some are looking for alternatives and others are simply resigned to waiting. Having to be aware that the product stock arrives in stores through the web iStocknow becomes heavy for many and we do not believe that this is a solution (although it works in luxury when the stock arrives) after so long they are at the sale.

There is improvement in some countries and we see how many stores in France they have stock of these AirPods, so if we add the words of the CEO himself commenting to the media that have increased production to the maximum and are forcing the machinery to reach their high demand, we will have to rely on it and remain patient.

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