Apple updates the iTunes version with Apple Store for businesses

The arrival of iOS 11 was the end of one of the most used iTunes functions by many users when searching, buying and downloading applications for your iOS managed devices. After the launch of iOS 11, Apple removed all traces of the App Store from iTunes, in its version for Windows and Mac.

Apple claimed that it wanted all purchases, searches and downloads will be made directly from the device, demonstrating once again, that the boys of Cupertino do not use the iOS 11 App Store to search for applications, since the comfort offered by iTunes is not found on an iPhone or an iPad despite offering a screen of larger size

But, once again, the Cupertino boys had not thought in the consequences for businesses and schools that manage a large number of devices and had to make available to these users, a new version of iTunes that offered the same functions as the new version but with access to the App Store and also allows us to install applications directly to the device, applications of companies and educational centers mainly , but that users have taken advantage of to install applications that they had downloaded on their computer and that are no longer available in the App Store.

This version just received a new update, thus reaching version, version that is still available for both Mac and Windows through the following link. As you can see, this version is not available for download through the official Apple website, but can only be found through the Apple support page. Apple has not provided details about the novelties offered by this version, but it is likely that, according to the numbering, it has been dedicated to improving performance and solving the occasional malfunction.

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