Apple updates the support page and brings news

Apple has a pretty good SAT, in turn accompanied by a system of services and websites where we will easily find all the information we need to manage our devices. One of those pages is Support, which also It has a large section where all the devices that we have linked come out to our Apple ID. However, this page has undergone few re-designs over the years.

Today it was his turn, The support website has been updated by renewing the design in general, but most importantly, adding features that had previously been removed from it. To be more specific, the website now has the same functions that it had there for the year 2011.

To access this section where all our devices are we must enter, which answers the classic question of: Where can I find out which devices are linked to my Apple ID? In "", but as expected in the middle of the mess of websites, we will open the one dedicated to the United States of America. That is why we must move to the lower right corner and select the country from which we are accessing, especially so that the adjustments and preferences on warranty issues are correct.

In addition, if we enter the Recent Activity section we will be able to take a look at all the times that we have contacted the SAT for each of these devices, a history of them basically. On this website we will be able to determine how much warranty our devices have and much more, so if you have never entered the Apple support website, it is a good time for you to familiarize yourself with it and with all the products you have linked to your Apple account.

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