Apple vendors involved in the "Panama Documents"

The controversy as far as what taxes are concerned has loomed over the whole world, hardly any country has been left without a visible head affected by the famous “Panama documents”, a leak of privileged information from which it has been possible discern that public figures such as the president of Iceland or the Almodóvar brothers have made tax evasion through offshore companies in Panama. However, Apple was not going to be free from collateral damage, In these leaked documents of Mossack Fonseca, we have been able to find companies that provide Apple with the necessary supplies for the elaboration of its products.

Foxconn, which has been slightly named, in fact no medium has given it much importance, is one of the companies accused of tax evasion of an amount that would be around 22,000 million dollars Through investments in Panama, it is said fast but it is a huge amount of money that just does not reach governments. Foxconn spokespersons have quickly declared themselves denying the major before this scandal about tax fraud. Foxconn states that you pay your taxes legally and reserves the right to file lawsuits against the media that "defame" your image.

Foxconn is currently Apple's most important supplier, in fact it has recently acquired the AMOLED section of Sharp with the intention of manufacturing the iPhone screens, a clear indication that they will practically be made almost entirely with the production of all iPhone. Last year the company invoiced $ 318.4 million, at a growth of 20% per year, making it one of the most fruitful international draft prints of the moment. Everyone must participate in the maintenance of the State, large and small equally.

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