As the short film for the HomePod 'Welcome home'

Apple is very clear when it has to bet heavily on the advertising of a product or how important it is shoot a short so that millions of people want to buy one of their products. It seems that with the HomePod, they feel like it but in many countries we are still waiting for it to be put up for sale.

In any case the anecdotes of the shoot directed by Spike Jonze, about the way in which contact FaceTime with FKA Twigs To be the protagonist or the movements of the table and wall that are getting bigger and bigger are interesting to know.

The recording process can be seen in a video released by AdWeek which we recommend to see complete since we were really surprised by the good work done in this short. The best of all is the way they change music or decorating almost completely to make changes to the images.

We could already see how the short film starred by FKA Twigs, once finished but it does not hurt to see it again since it seems very good:

In a few days the HomePod will have more ads which can then be on television or directly on the Apple channel, but it is always interesting to see the part where they create these ads and more if they have the work of this short film. In this case it is more than an advertisement as you can see throughout the assembly and the days used for filming, but as I say for Apple the important thing is to reach all users.

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