Belkin launches a 36w USB-C car charger with fast charging for new iPhone

One of the novelties that have come from the hand of the new iPhone, in addition to wireless charging, has been a fast charging system that allows us to charge our iPhone in less time. Apple does not offer with the iPhone the necessary charger to take advantage of this fast charging system, so We have to checkout if or if.

Belkin just introduced a new Quick charger with USB-C connection with a power of 36W for the car. Belkin does not offer us the USB-C cable to lightning, the necessary cable to use this charger, as we use the MacBook charger to use the fast charging of the new iPhone models.

This fast car charger for iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus It is available through the manufacturer's website for 29.99 euros / dollars. If we do not have to cable USB-C to lightning, we have to add to the equation 29 euros / dollars more for the cable of one meter and 39 euros for the cable of 2 meters, so the total cost to enjoy the charge Fast on our iPhone in the car will be 60 euros.

The next iOS update, number 11.2, which is currently in beta, has begun to offer support for fast charging at 7.5w, so it will take advantage of all the power offered by the available chargers of the Apple Store with this power. Although the first tests did seem that the new power offered a substantial advantage over the 5w charge, after fully charging the models compatible with this wireless charging system, the difference in time at a minimum, so that if we need fast charging at any given time, we will have to resort to traditional charging via cable.

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