B&O launches the Beoplay H4 with app for iOS and Apple Watch

We already have among us the new BeatsX new wireless headphones, for bluetooth, which join the range of headphones Apple boys, expanded thanks to the purchase of the company Beats by the giant of the apple. And it is that the headphones although they are something that we have used all our life, are being renewed with new features that paradoxically are not directly related to the quality of the sound that they can offer.

But obviously not everything stays in Beats or AirPodsprecisely, although many criticize me, the options offered by Apple are not the best sound they have, much less, obviously there are professional headphones that will put long teeth to all those music lovers who notice every change of musical note. Today we bring you a very interesting option, headphones that without being something professional the quality of music is quite powerful, we talk about B & Om or Bang Olufen, who present their new Beoplay H4 with application for iDevices and Apple Watch.

New ones Beoplay H4 you can get them for only € 299, yes they have a high price (they are the cheapest headphones of the company) but the truth is that they are quite good in terms of their characteristics, we can not forget that the design that all B&O products give off is always something to admire. These B&O Beoplay H4 are headphones over-ear that although they are the cheapest of the B&O boys have all the premium features which can have the most expensive models (aluminum, leather, textile cables, and 40mm drivers).

Beoplay H4 come with a app with the same name for iOS from which we can check the battery status (up to 19 hours with a 2.5 hour charge), in addition to add music profiles, the best of all is that in the Apple Watch you can also control all these parameters of the Beoplay H4.

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