Bose SoundSport headphones, perfect for exercise

The big brands begin to bet heavily on headphones for exercise, and they no longer settle for offering outstanding sound quality or make them resistant to sweat and moisture, but also integrate elements such as heart rate sensors in the headphones The Bose Sound Sport Pulse are proof of this and the. great bet of the brand for this summer.

Two headphones, SoundSport for those who want quality headphones but not including heart rate sensors, and SoundSport Pulse, with the same quality as the previous ones but also with the possibility of monitoring your heart rate during exercise And also an optional battery case that will allow you to carry the headphones and recharge them at the same time.

The two headphone models share multipoint Bluetooth connectivity with up to 9 meters of range and NFC technology that allows you to automatically connect to compatible devices. The remote control included in the cable that connects both headphones allows the control of the reproduction and the making of calls, thanks to the microphone that also incorporates. As we said before, the Pulse model also incorporates a heart rate monitor compatible with the main applications such as RunKeeper, Runtastic or Endomondo.

The comfort and grip of the headphones is important when looking for a sports model, and Silicone cases available in three sizes promise that both features will be guaranteed. The flexible wing that they incorporate and that adapts to the grooves of the auricular pavilion will also help the headphones not to move from their place even if you practice “lively” sports activities.

The headphones bring a conventional case for transport, but there is also the possibility of buying a battery case that extends the autonomy of the headphones until 18 hours. The conventional SoundSport model has a battery life of 6 hours, while the SondSport Pulse, with cardiac monitor, reaches up to 5 hours per charge. All models and the optional case are for sale on Amazon from the following links:

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