Buy a steel Apple Watch for 369 at Amazon

If you are looking for an Apple Watch and have not yet decided on its price, or if you have doubts about which model to buy, you can not fail to see the excellent offer you can find on Amazon with which you can get an original Apple Watch with the box Steel and sapphire crystal for only € 369 in its size of 42mm. It is a product that benefits from the advantages of the Premium account and you can have it at home in 24 hours, ideal if you still do not have the gift for Valentine's Day. Is it worth buying this model when there are already more current ones? This is undoubtedly an offer that must be taken into account but in which we must assess the pros and cons, and I tell you the reasons.

Top model

This is the 42mm Apple Watch in steel and sapphire crystal. It is the top model that at its launch cost almost double what this offer marks, and that is currently only available in Series 2 (not Series 1) for € 719. It is true that this model does not have GPS, it is not submersible according to Apple (although the tests we have all done say the opposite) and that its processor is not as fast or powerful as that of current generations, but it is all an Apple Watch with an exceptional bright steel finish and a sapphire crystal that resists scratches much better than the X-ion of the Sport model.

If we want to buy a current Apple Watch, always taking into account only the 42mm model, we can do it from the € 369 that costs the Series 1 Sport (aluminum), and if we want the best of the best (but I insist again, in aluminum ) We must go to € 469 of the Series 2 Sport model. That is, for the same price that this Apple Watch made of steel and sapphire on Amazon we will get a Sport model that only has a more powerful processor.

Almost identical in software

At the moment with watchOS 3 there are no differences at the software level compared to current Apple Watch models and compared to this older model. Only the function of seeing the time without the need to rotate the wrist by a slight turn of the crown now differentiates the software of both models. Maybe with watchOS 4, which will arrive predictably next September, these differences increase, that is true.

But less autonomy

Perhaps the most important thing when assessing whether to buy this original steel model or one of the new ones is autonomy, because in this there is a big difference. The original Apple Watch holds the day perfectly but you will have to charge it every night when you go to bed so that the next day also endure without problems. The new models do withstand perfectly 2 days of use, being able to charge them every two nights. Is this a problem for you? Then discard this original model.

Conclusion: an excellent opportunity

If you are looking for an integrated GPS, you need it to be submersible to practice water sports with it, or for you the autonomy of a single day is a serious problem, then this offer from Amazon, however good it is, better to let it pass. But if all this for you is not the slightest problem, then it is worth taking a look. The Apple Watch made of steel and sapphire is a “premium” model that falls in love from the start and at this price is really very tempting. If you are interested, you can access the offer from this link.

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