Congress requires Apple to pay the taxes it owes

The Congress of Deputies has approved a Proposal No of Law by which the Government must recover all taxes not paid by Apple and other technology in Spain since 2003. This is a proposal approved by most political parties in which, after the European Commission’s ruling against Ireland’s favor deal with Apple, it is urged that all those taxes that Apple and other tech giants allegedly managed to evade using those tactics, that some qualify as illegal and that others ensure that they are within the freedom and autonomy of each state, are recovered by the Government. Is it a toast in the sun or is there really something in the background in this proposal?

It all started this summer with the sanction that the European Commission imposed on Ireland for which it had to recover the many millions of euros that the Cupertino company had not paid to the Irish coffers according to the commission's accounts. Ireland, exercising its autonomy and freedom, offered Apple (and continues to do so) excellent tax conditions that, in exchange for operating in that country, saved a good handful of millions of euros in taxes. Europe considers that this is not adequate and ensures that Apple must pay what it owes, although the alleged creditor ensures that there is no such debt, which creates a somewhat unlikely situation. Well, it seems that Spain wants to join the car and will require Apple that all the taxes it has not paid in our country thanks to the use of financial tactics, which may be unorthodox but that Apple ensures that they comply with the law, are now paid retroactively starting in 2003.

The first thing that will have to be demonstrated is what this proposal is based on to ensure that Apple has not paid what it owes in our country, something that the Cupertino company will certainly not accept in any way. Apple has stated at all times that it pays what it owes and that its bills are completely adjusted to the law, and will defend this position in front of any court that will be the one who finally decides whether there has been tax evasion or not. In the meantime, what the member countries of the European Union should do is work so that tax havens within the Union itself have no place.

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