Creative Roar 2, review of this fantastic Bluetooth speaker

If something defines the Creative brand is its impeccable trajectory linked to the world of sound. The company has been in this field for many years and it is very difficult to ignore in its product catalog Bluetooth speakers like the recent Sound Blaster Roar 2.

This speaker is the legacy of the first generation, a 10 bluetooth speaker that dethroned many of the top brands with a cheaper but more complete product and with an unquestionable sound quality. The Roar 2 comes to strengthen its position in the list of best Bluetooth speakers.

Sound Blaster Creative Roar 2, first impressions

After having the first Creative Roar for quite some time, I couldn't help getting this second product version.

The claims were clear: same sound quality but 20% less in size. To this we must add aesthetic touch-ups at the design level, better materials for the case and enviable connectivity to get the most out of it.

I have to say that at first it seemed quite odd that this Roar 2 was able to maintain the same sound quality as the first generation model after the drastic reduction in size. The bar was really high but it seems they have done a great job with the new placement that have been assigned to the speakers, saving enough space inside the housing.

After connecting my iPhone via Bluetooth to Roar 2, my astonished face confirms the good omen. The speaker sounds incredibly good, both at low and high volumes in which we could compromise the five speakers inside.

Forget about the sound of can provided by 90% of the portable speakers on the market. Roar 2 plays in another league and snack on almost all of your direct competition. The 2.5-inch speaker that reproduces the low and medium frequencies makes us think that the Roar 2 has a subwoofer inside, an effect that is enhanced by the pair of passive radiators that are on the sides and that we will see vibrate in the reproduction of the serious

If we still think that the Creative Roar 2 falls short of serious, we can strengthen them more with the TeraBass mode which is activated by a button located on the back of the speaker.

As for the sound of the treble, the Roar 2 stands out for its clean and clear sound. I say again that we are facing a quality portable speaker, so you have to forget about those high-pitched and annoying low-end products, in the Creative speaker we can enjoy our favorite musical genre with all its nuances, even in high volumes

Connections for almost everything

In case having a Bluetooth connection is not enough, here is a list of all the connections offered by Roar 2:

  • NFC
  • Auxiliary input (3.5 mm jack)
  • USB (if you connect your mobile
  • microUSB
  • MicroSD cards

At older, we can use it as a voice recorder or as hands-free if we have paired our mobile.

Some users miss the presence of IRDA and a remote control to control certain aspects of playback without scrolling to the speaker. It is an extra that never hurts but in my case, I do not consider it a vital addition because using Bluetooth connectivity, I use the iPhone itself for this purpose.

Up to 8 hours of autonomy

The 6,000 mAh battery that incorporates the Creative Roar 2 provides up to 8 hours of autonomy, a figure that can vary greatly depending on the volume and connectivity we are using to play music.

To check the autonomy of the speaker, we can use the charging indicator that appears on the iPhone next to the Bluetooth symbol or if we wish, the Roar 2 has a luminous panel with three LEDs and that represent the state of charge.

As the battery runs out, Roar 2 is reducing the maximum volume to further extend autonomy.

Finally, when we have to load it we can use the Built-in power adapter or use microUSB connection. The fastest method is the charger and it will still take two and a half hours to complete the charging cycle, which increases considerably if we use the USB connection.

Who is Roar 2 intended for?

I would recommend this speaker to everyone looking for a Bluetooth speaker but with enviable sound quality, that really makes you enjoy the music you play in it.

It is a team that weighs 1 kg and whose dimensions, although very tight, do not make it a speaker that you can take with you everywhere. It is intended to be placed on a surface and left there while listening to music.

I know it may sound weird the last thing I just said but every time I see more people on the street with Bluetooth speakers riding their own rave and honestly, the Roar 2 has not been designed for that. It can be used in a fiesta without problems but as I say, it is convenient to leave it in a fixed place for our comfort and for the speaker to do its best, without jeopardizing its integrity and that of the passive radiators on its sides.

If you are tired of the cables, of very bulky 2.1 equipment that you do not take advantage of because you bother the neighbor, you want connectivity of all kinds and the option of taking it anywhere at specific times, Roar 2 is your speaker.


The Creative Sound Blaster Roar 2 is a 10 speaker in all aspects. The sound quality is fantastic, its autonomy is high for the power offered by its speakers, the design is sober and elegant but also, its connectivity allows it to be used with multiple devices. Can you ask for more?

Obviously all this makes the Roar 2 not an economic product although within its segment, it is of the most competitive in value for money. If you bet on this speaker, you have to change the chip and think of a portable speaker in another way that you are used to.

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  • Editor rating
  • 5 star rating

€ 155,83


  • Connectivity
  • Sound quality
  • Design and manufacturing quality


  • Some users may be missing a remote control
  • With Bluetooth, a background hiss is heard

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