Do not miss a detail of the Tour de France with its official app

At this point in life, a month of July is inconceivable without the Tour de France, and for a few years it is also difficult not to think about complementing the follow-up of the mythical gala round with its official application. Every year we like to take a look, and the 2017 edition was not going to be less for us.


The main use of an application that accompanies a great cycling lap It must be inexorably to follow the race day by day with details that we may not be able to obtain from the broadcast, or that we do not get when we need them. Consult the profile of the stage, obtain the description or the approximate schedules are perfect complements to the television broadcast, either that of Spanish Television or Eurosport which is usually more prolific in data and end of stage, for example.

In the 2017 edition the style of the application has changed a lot compared to the previous year, becoming from my point of view something less intuitive but, yes, faster. In addition, a “How to get there” option has been included for all the brave ones who have been encouraged to approach to see a stage and want to go to the points through which it passes.

More things

In the side menu we have access to other sections of relative interests, among which I would like to highlight four: the favorites panel, where we can follow the brokers that interest us most; the notifications, which are completely customizable about what happens in the race; and finally, access to the social networks of the race where we can directly see the Twitter, Instagram and Facebook profiles of the Tour de France.

Obviously we can also check each of the teams participating in the gala round and all their riders with individual chips, as well as the general classifications Of the same. All this is arranged neatly and neatly, although it should be noted that we have found some parts of the application poorly translated, something that should not be so in an official app of a race like the Tour de France.

The application is completely free and devoid of publicity if we exclude the sponsorship of the Skoda car brand, as is usual in past editions. The Tour de France is in full swing so do not hesitate to supplement it from your iPhone at zero cost.

Our assessment

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TDF 2019, presented by ŠKODA

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