Dock and folders with black background on your iPhone without jailbreak

Although in the fourth generation Apple TV we can already use a dark mode, much more pleasing to the eye in low light conditions, and despite the evidence in the iOS 10 deep code that indicated the arrival of it to our iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, the truth is that dark or night mode is not yet available on our mobile devices.

Luckily, if you're looking forward to Apple implementing this feature, there is a trick that will allow you to have the dock, folders and widgets on a dark background "very black". It is clear that it is not the same as a dark mode well integrated throughout the entire system, but it is not bad and also, it is free and you do not need to jailbreak.

Your iPhone may already have a dark mode, or almost

Sooner or later, Apple will implement the dark mode on iOS devices. The code of the operating system, say the developers, has clear evidence of this, but you know that in Cupertino they like to take their time and make us wait.

Fortunately, you can already enjoy something very similar to that dark mode on the screen of your iPhone or iPad. In a simple trick that will not take you more than a minute, very easy to perform and for which you will need to have your iPhone updated to iOS 10.

Dark mode in the Dock and folders

The first thing you should do is visit this website from your iPhone device. There you will find a wide variety of very special wallpapers or wallpapers that will allow you to change certain parts of the user interface to the color black. Browse between the different options. There are them in flat colors but below, you can also find some multicolored options. Once you have chosen the one you like best. keep your finger pressing on the image so that the option “Save image” appears on the screen and so it is stored in the photo reel of your iPhone.

Save the selected style to your reel by holding your finger by pressing it

Once you have saved the chosen wallpaper on the photo reel of your iPhone, open the Photos app, select the wallpaper in question (it will appear as a very fine hrizontal strip, quiet, everything is fine), press the button "Share", and set it as your device's wallpaper.

You just have to set the image saved as wallpaper on your iPhone

In the pop-up menu that will appear on your iPhone, you can select where you want it to appear on your iPhone. Remember that at least you must set it on the home screen. You can set a different wallpaper for the lock screen if you wish.

Do not forget: at least you must set the wallpaper on the Home Screen of your iPhone

Now you can return to the main screen of your iPhone and you will see the magical effect that has been created. From now on, several elements of the iOS 10 user interface will be displayed in black or very dark. The dock and folders on the main screen will be seen with a black background, while the widgets will be seen on a very dark gray. Even the “X” icon when we want to remove an app from our iPhone, it will be seen on a very dark background.

The dock and folders will be displayed on a black background

The widgets will be displayed on a dark gray background

However, when you open a folder you can check that the background is still translucent, that is, that the black background is only shown on a first level, the home screen.

It is clear that it is not the dark mode that we are looking forward to so much for the iPhone and iPad however, while Apple decides to launch it, it is a good solution.

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