Download the new wallpapers of the new iPhone X and iPhone XS Max

We continue with a hangover from the last Keynote of presentation of the new iPhone XS, and that is that at the end of September it is a very intense month since it is the beginning of the technological season so to speak… A few new ones iPhone XS and XS Max that you can already book and everything indicates that this time it will be easier than before to get it.

Do you want to bring on your iPhone X the new wallpapers we saw in the presentation of the iPhone XS? We got them thanks to the guys from 9to5Mac. After the jump we tell you how Download the official wallpapers, or wallpapers, of the new iPhone XS and XS Max, some wallpapers with which you can boast iPhone again …

To get one of these new wallpapers, or wallpapers, exclusive to the new iPhone XS and XS Max, just click on them in the next gallery. Once you see the one that interests you, you just have to press and hold the options menu and select the download image option. After from the settings menu you can change the wallpaper, or even select the option to set this new wallpaper from the Photos app. New funds titled "Bubbles" that closely resemble unknown planets.

You know, you can show off “iPhone” again and cheat your friends making them believe that your iPhone X is actually a new iPhone XS; Obviously you can also enjoy these amazing new wallpapers and thus enlarge your desire to get one of the new iPhone XS. By the way, as a curiosity we will tell you that the new iPhone XS will come with these new wallpapers in addition to the ones we see in the iPhone X. We will see the difference between showing this new wallpaper on an iPhone X and an iPhone XS with the new OLED screen…

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