Estimate 20 million sales of AirPods and expect more

Many of us all perceive AirPods at the time as a true revolution. It will have its adherents and others not so much, but in terms of comfort, portability and design they have very few rivals. This is how the AirPods reached the market with a very limited stock even so long later.

Those of us who have tried them know their worth, despite the fact that the price returns to many people. Whatever it is Apple's AirPods are estimated to have already sold twenty million units in 2017 and are expected to continue growing in 2018.

In the last presentation we saw that the changes in the AirPods were negligible, the wireless charging was simply added while the device in general remained totally the same. And it is difficult to improve something that is already at a very high level, although those who have had in our hands some of the best wireless headphones on the market know that they do not offer the best in audio, comfort and performance are difficult to match. This time it is the analyst firm KGI who chooses to inform us about the sales numbers of the AirPods, something like twenty million units during 2017 that would reach 30 million during 2018.

It is clear that the arrival of the HomePod can influence the number of sales, but Apple has significantly reduced delivery times in the units provided in the Apple Store Online in some countries (in the United States of America it offers one to three days) among which Spain is obviously not, which is reactivating the desire of some users to get hold of these peculiar headphones. The best thing if you are still doubting is that you go to the nearest Apple Store and ask a Genius to let you try them before you decide, but be careful, because they fall in love totally.

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