Eve HomeKit, formerly known as Elgato, launches 3 new products

From iPhone News, our partner Luis Padilla is showing you, almost weekly, almost all HomeKit compatible products that are coming to market, products of different brands and for all budgets. A few months ago the Eve Elgato division, changed its name to Eve HomeKit. From this name change, three new products arrive on the market.

Since the company changed its name in June, it has been working on three new devices to meet the needs that users may have decided. surrender to HomeKit to manage their homes and thus be able to control them remotely through Siri, the iPhone, the iPad or even the Apple Watch.

Eve Light Strip

Eve Light Strip is a two meter long LED strip that offers 1,800 lumen lighting. This type of LED light strips, they can come together until it reaches a maximum length of 10 meters. The price in the United States, we are pending the price you will have to reach Europe, is $ 79.95.

Eve Light Switch

This device is a switch. designed for the European market, since the connections and the dimensions of the box are not the same as in the United States. These switches are compatible with other smart switches and it is one of the best options to control the lights, other than lamps, of our home. Its price is $ 99.95, waiting to know the price in Europe.

Eve Power Strip

Eve Power Strip is an extender with three individual connections, made of aluminum, with a classic design that allows us to know at all times, what is the consumption that each of the connected devices is having to this strip. For now, this is the only product that has not announced the price, so we will have to wait to see if it enters our budgets.

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