Facebook prepares with Oculus 200 against Apple RA

Tim Cook and other executives of the team of executives who run the Cupertino company have made it clear on more than one occasion that Apple is totally focused on Augmented Reality, perhaps leaving aside a little more the Virtual Reality field, where companies such as Oculus (Facebook) or Vive (HTC) have suffered a major blow, we could say that Only the PlayStation VR have had real repercussion for obvious reasons.

But nevertheless, Mark Zuckerberg is not going to give up so quickly, the Oculus team is working on creating a series of virtual reality devices for € 200. Perhaps this is the mode of popular technology that despite covering many covers, never just democratized.

In fact, Samsung is the company that puts more devices of this technology on the market, Samsung Gear VR is undoubtedly the easiest access product, Perhaps that is why the Oculus team has noticed the key to its success and is willing to copy it, it is something that Facebook knows how to do quite well. All this information is leaks that Mark Gurman has been willing to publish, even detail more accurately.

These Oculus glasses that will be around € 200 will feature Qualcomm Snapdragon processors which would make them slightly more powerful to Samsung Gear VR. However, we will return to the same problem as always, the glasses will not be able to place the user in space, among other details. Oculus spokesman Alan Cooper quickly came out to defend that the development team has no product to show today, but it is a simple obvious denial. We imagine that Mark Gurman's sources are reliable again and we expect new movements in Oculus.

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