FBI can also unlock the Brooklyn iPhone

The case of San Bernardino may have come to an end, but the dispute between the FBI and Apple is far from doing it. There is currently another pending case in which US law enforcement agencies ask Cupertino's company for help accessing data on Jun Feng's iPhone 5s, a Brooklyn methamphetamine dealer That says you don't remember your phone password. Feng has already been convicted, but the FBI wants to see if his iPhone has information that can take them to other traffickers.

The FBI says that Apple is the only company that can help them access the Iphone 5s from Feng because the method used to access data from the San Bernardino iPhone 5c sniper does not work on more modern devices. According to the FBI, the hack that they used only works in that particular case (and I go and I believe it …). Undoubtedly, the forces of the law want to continue pressing to be able to enter our phones without major problems.

According to Apple, the FBI no longer needs your help

On the other hand, Apple says the FBI has what it takes to break the security of the phone without their help and that they just want to force them to do the job to create a precedent that they can use for other cases. The lawyer, who has wanted to maintain his anonymity, says that the Brooklyn iPhone uses an old version of iOS that the FBI has already managed to hack in the San Bernardino investigations, so he believes that it would still have to be easier to access his data. The newer the version, the harder it is to violate.

I think the FBI was wrong to accept the help of Cellebrite. It has been shown that his intention is to create a precedent and asking for help from a third company to access an iPhone has created a precedent that Apple may use in future allegations, as it has done in the case of the Brooklyn dealer. We will see what happens in the next episode of Apple vs. soap opera. FBI

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