FBI paid a "gray-hat" group to unlock the iPhone 5c

That he FBI He finally managed to unlock the iPhone 5c of the San Bernardino sniper was something that was already known. He also thought he knew who it was who helped him do the job, the Israeli company Cellebrite, but that was just a rumor. Now it is rumored that whoever helped the US law enforcement was a independent hacker group without a name or a company to represent.

The Washington Post, citing sources close to the case, says that a group of unnamed hackers received money only once for a exploit of iOS unknown so far which was used to access the iPhone 5c of Syez Rizwan Farook. At this time it is not known what vulnerability they used, but sources say the agency took advantage of the software failure to create a hardware solution that deactivated the attempt counter can be made by entering the code into an iPhone.

The FBI used an unknown exploit to access the iPhone 5c

In the United States they refer to this group of hackers as "gray hat" (gray hat) whose ethics and information they provide is questionable. The "white hat" are the researchers who find and report on vulnerabilities, something we have seen on several occasions in hackers who create the tools to do the jailbreak, although they only do so when they consider the fault they have found it's bad. On the other hand, there are the "black hat" that use software failures for their own benefit. The gray hats that have found this fault have sold it, but at least they have sold it to someone who in theory will always make good use of it.

Neither the FBI nor Cellebrite They have commented nothing about this new information. On the other hand, US law enforcement does not intend to tell Apple what vulnerability they have used. If they did, Tim Cook and company would soon correct the problem, when what interests the FBI is that it is present for future cases. Apple said it would not take the FBI to court to force them to tell them how they accessed the iPhone 5c, probably because they already know how to prevent them from taking advantage of that particular ruling in the near future. We'll see what the next episode of Apple vs. soap opera says. FBI

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