Fiete Math – Math games, free for a limited time

Again we return to the load with a game, rather an application, although the smaller ones, for which it is intended, will initially see it as a game, in the they will learn and review the addition and subtraction. Fiete Math is designed so that the smallest of the house see the operations of calculation as a game, not a necessity that they have to learn and they will be very useful in everyday life, since the numbers with objects that we can move, group, ungroup to our liking and willingness to discover the relationships between numbers and quantities. Fiete Math has a regular price in the App Store of 3.29 euros but for a limited time we can download it for free through the link that I leave at the end of this article.

With Fiete Math, the little ones stimulate the compression of the numerical system, without any time limit, so that the little ones have all the time in the world to solve the problems they face. The use of tactile devices makes the compression of the numeral system easier than through a blackboard or paper. Through Fiete Math, the little ones will learn to count the numbers, separate them into groups, perform addition and subtraction, perform simple calculations with the 5 … in addition to performing any type of random addition or subtraction, when we see that the child's level It is advancing rapidly.

Being a father, I am always looking for applications that do not include any type of advertising, since all you get is distract the attention of the little ones so that in the end they lose interest for what they are doing. Fiete Math, is an application of this type, a paid application, although it is currently available for download for free, but does not contain any type of advertising that can distract the little ones.

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