Forecasts point to a positive fourth quarter after 9 months

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Looking at the numbers that Apple is presenting lately we can think of that of “everything that goes up, goes down”. But it is also true that the cycles are usually a wheel with moments in which they rise and moments in which they descend. This is what financial analysts think, whose forecasts ensure that Apple will get benefits of between $ 76,000,000,000 and $ 78,000,000,000 in the first fiscal quarter of 2017, that is, in the months October, November and December 2016.

In the worst case, all according to these forecasts, Apple would get benefits of $ 76,000M, which would exceed the $ 75,900m achieved in the same period of 2015. If the forecasts are met, Apple would end a time of falls that has lasted 9 months and that has led to first year in which its benefits stopped rising since 2001, year that coincides with the launch of the device that changed the way digital music was heard, the iPod.

According to forecasts, Apple will return to positive balances in the Christmas quarter

The negative balances Apple started with the iPhone 6s launch. Personally, it was a device that I liked a lot, with its 12 and 5Mpx cameras, its 2GB of RAM and the 3D Touch screen, but it did not manage to exceed the sales of some models presented a previous year that had grown to 4.7 and 5.5 inches The iPhone being the most important device for the apple company, this decrease in sales was reflected in the quarterly balance sheets.

The only positive of all these balances is that have exceeded forecasts once after another, including the balance that Cupertino presented yesterday. The main reason has been other products that analysts may not have considered, such as App Store sales, Apple Music or iCloud. The point is that if they have exceeded the forecasts at this time, what will happen next year with the launch of the tenth anniversary iPhone?

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