Foxconn announces the purchase of Belkin

Foxconn is known in the Apple environment for being one of the main component assemblers not only of the iPhone, but also on the part of the Mac and the iPad, since the production of the Apple Watch is done by another manufacturer. But Foxconn not only works for Apple, although it is its main customer and it depends a lot.

The Chinese company has announced Belkin's purchase, one of the most popular iPhone accessory companies. The total amount of the purchase amounts to 866 million dollars and includes both Belkin and the rest of the companies that are under its umbrella such as Linksys, Wemo and Phyn.

This move by Foxconn seems to be aimed at trying to be more than a device manufacturer and intends to go on the market with its own range of products both in the form of accessories, as smart devices. This purchase will allow the Belkin company to expand mainly in the United States, where the company is not yet well known.

At the moment, we do not know if Foxconn's intention goes through absorb the company, and launch the new products under its own brand, although it seems unlikely, since Belkin has been a reference in the market for a few years, especially with regard to Apple product accessories.

The Wemo division is responsible for designing smart products compatible with HomeKit as plugs, light bulbs and others. For its part, Linksys is responsible for the distribution of wireless routers and similar, another of the important brands that in recent years have made an important image in the market for the quality of their products. Phyn designs products to monitor at any time any water leaks we may have in our home, allowing us to even close the stopcock from our smartphone.

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