FreedomPop is passed to traditional calls and 4G

It's been more than a year since FreedomPop arrived in Spain with a different way of conceiving mobile rates. Paying a completely free fee as a basic option and other premium payment options, the virtual operator has been gradually evolving and overcoming the problems it has encountered.

Now you can say that it has become an operator "really" to abandon calls through the application and move to conventional calls also with 4G quality, but maintaining their rates including the free basic, and including a new payment rate for the most demanding.

The free basic rate, without any cost, is maintained with 100 minutes of calls, 300 conventional messages and 200MB of data to surf the internet. Recall that FreedomPop does not count the data spent through WhatsApp (up to 1GB maximum), so the messages you send through that application do not spend any of your 200MB of data. It also includes other rates that adapt to different needs ranging from € 4.99 per month for 200 minutes in calls, 1GD of data and 500 messages, and other rates with unlimited calls and messages, with 2, 5 data plans and 10GB for 8.99, 14.99 and € 28.99 respectively.

The change to traditional calls and 4G means that users will have to change the SIM card, something that according to the operator they should not worry because they will be arriving in these two weeks the new card already compatible with the new service. In return they will gain in quality of calls, in coverage and in comfort of use. If you want more information about the different rates that FreedomPop offers you, how to hire it and the coverage in your area, you can do it from THIS LINK.

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