Funxim, a Qi charging base for several devices very similar to Apple's AirPower

Funxim, is a new project that we found on the Kickstarter croudfunding website and therefore is not something we can buy right now, but this It could be a good alternative to Apple AirPower which will reach the market in 2018 and that since they have fully covered the 8,438 euros they requested to finance the project with more than 20,000 euros raised.

We are facing a Qi charging base for multiple dispositives, Fully compatible with the wireless charging of the new iPhone 8, 8 iPhone Plus, iPhone X and Apple Watch Series. In this case we have a base that allows the loading of our idevice in the purest AirPower style, that is, with a large base in which it is possible to load several products simultaneously.

For now Yes it will be compatible with the AirPods cargo box, Although the images do not show loading the AirPods box. The price is the highlight in this base Qi since it represents a significant saving while making the purchase while it is still a project in Kickstarter. We can get this base once it is officially marketed but this will obviously mean an increase in the price. Right now we can book ours for about $ 29 plus shipping, when the final price will be about $ 50.

The design is really similar to the base that Apple will also launch in 2018 and we can see that the most notable difference of this baseast wireless The Apple Watch charger is not added. Yes it allows you to hide the cable of our own charger inside the base and use it as a charger integrated in it (in the description it explains that the Apple Watch charger is not added) but it is not added directly unlike the base Apple original that we have the possibility of charging our devices wherever we want on top of the base itself. An interesting project that will surely appear several replicas.

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