Gamevice, a new gamepad with MFi certification

Users who like to play with their iPhone are increasingly and that is when you have a time to enjoy a game on your device because it is as simple as taking it out of your pocket, bag, jacket and putting it on. But there are also users who are a little more demanding in this regard when they start playing with their iPhone, so some companies launch new accessories for these users more "gamers" and in this case we have the second generation of a gamepad with Made for iPhone certification, Which can be really interesting for these users.

The remarkable thing about this new Gamevice, is that it is fully compatible with the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus providing an external Lightning port which in addition to allowing the iPhone to charge, allow you to listen to the game through the Earpods with this connector. Evidently It also has a 3.1 mm jack port and will be compatible with the iPhone 6s / 6s Plus and is somewhat lighter than the previous version since does not add internal battery. The company is also expected to expand its catalog of compatible products very soon, adding a gamepad compatible with the iPad Air and iPad Pro, while for the iPad mini it is also available.

These are some images of renovated Gamevice:

If you are interested in buying this new gamepad you can make the purchase from the website of the Cupertino company, at the end of this month, specifically on January 31. The price of this iPhone Gamevice will cost $ 99.95, so we imagine that the price will be about 109.95 euros in Spain if you look at the model they have available from the previous version for the iPad Pro 12.9 ″, but this is something we will see when it is available both online and in physical Apple stores.

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