Gecko Bouce Cover promises up to three meters of protection

The expertise of the iPhone X is something important that we should not joke because the repair prices of the iPhone X are higher than those of previous models of the Apple smartphone. The covers are almost mandatory if we do not want to have a bad surprise, and those that offer us maximum protection are highly recommended when we want to practice some sport or risk practices, or simply because of our work.

Gecko has been in the world of mobile phone cases for a long time, and offers us a new iPhone X case, Gecko Bounce, also available for other iPhone models, which promises us up to 3 meters of fall protection, which makes it a great option to protect it.

Made of different materials to maximize protection, the back is made of polycarbonate, a stiffer material that gives the case more consistency while protecting your iPhone from scratches. The bumper that surrounds your iPhone is made of silicone, which gives it great flexibility to be able to introduce your iPhone with ease and without scratching it, at the same time as it has an excellent index of shock absorption that, next to the air chambers that are in the corners, will make your iPhone is protected to the maximum against any eventuality. The iPhone screen is also protected because the case protrudes sufficiently on the front to prevent contact with the surface when placed face down or when falling.

The Gecko Bounce case is only available for iPhone X, iPhone 7 Plus and 8 Plus, and only available in the black / transparent color that you can see in the image. With a price of € 19.95 it is one of the most affordable protective cases that we can find right now, although at this price we will have to add € 7.50 if we buy it directly on the Gecko website for shipping costs. Although they have not confirmed it, it is likely that it will soon reach Amazon, something that would make it even more attractive.

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