Greek mythology names in Project Titan buildings

At this time it is already an open secret that Apple plans to launch its own electric and / or autonomous car later this decade. If the analysts succeed, in the best case we will see how they present an Apple Car in 2019. Rumors say that the project is being developed under the name of Project Titan and it seems that Titan will not be the only reference to Greece in this important project for the apple.

Tim Cook and company are putting Greek mythological figures names to buildings that have something to do with the Project Titan. One of the biggest will be called Rhea, whose name comes from the mother of Zeus, Poseidon, Demeter and Hades, among others. This building will be protected by great security measures, will make a lot of noise and wheels are expected to change and level, among other things.

Project Titan, titanic name for a large project

Another of the buildings will receive the name of Medusa, whose name comes from a female monster whose hair is snakes and who turned those who were staring into the eyes into stone (I think I have met someone like that …). Building jellyfish It will be a manufacturing plant where there will be a “vision laboratory” and “eye tracking”. Next to Medusa will be Magnolia, a plant that previously belonged to FedEx and where there will be a “regenerative Thermal Oxidator”, a machine that is used in manufacturing and can reduce pollution.

But in the list of buildings with names of Greek mythology the king of Olympus cannot be missing. Zeus It will be a research laboratory that, according to the plans, will be used as an interim laboratory for Apple and the company's researchers. Zeus will also be protected by strong security measures (by lightning?) And will be surrounded by a fence to prevent anyone from cracking. There will also be the building Athena, although it is not yet known what this building will be used for. For AI, maybe?

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