Griffin PowerBlock Wireless Charging Pad, new wireless charger with 15W of charging power

The popular brand of accessories for mobile devices Griffin has introduced a new wireless charger with which to charge your compatible devices up to 3 times faster than a conventional one. Its about Griffin PowerBlock Wireless Charging Pad.

The Wireless chargers are being one of the most desired accessories by the current owners of the latest iPhone models. And not only do we mean the iPhone X, but also the iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus – we could also add to the direct competition. Thus, companies are launching products in this line to meet the needs of the public. And this Griffin PowerBlock Wireless Charging Pad is the last to appear.

There is much talk about wireless charging lately. And not only which models are compatible, but also it is very often discussed whether or not this type of charge is harmful to our devices. My partner Luis talks about it in this interesting article.

But leaving the controversy aside, we find that this Griffin PowerBlock Wireless Charging Pad is an accessory that enjoys a charging power of 15 W, so charging our equipment will be even faster than if we do it with a conventional charger. On the other hand, the surface finish of this charger with Qi technology is felt. This will make the back of our compatible iPhone not suffer any scratch, in addition to preventing it from slipping.

Finally, this Griffin PowerBlock Wireless Charging Pad has an LED indicator at the bottom that will show us when our iPhone is charging or when the charging is finished. The price of this accessory is 59.95 euros, although the company itself offers a 15% discount until next April 2 if you enter the code WIRELESS. That is, the price you will stay at 50.96 euros.

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