Having trouble installing applications with Mojo?

On April 16 we talked about Mojo, an alternative Cydia store that allows applications and even repositories to be installed, but without the need to jailbreak the device. There were few complaints from users who claimed that nothing could be installed, so the alternative store would serve little or nothing for these users. But the good thing is that it has been reported that an old method can be used to install all these applications. We will explain it below.

How to install applications from Mojo

  1. Logically, the first thing will be to install Mojo. You can do it following THIS TUTORIAL.
  2. We are going to Settings / General / Date and time and deactivate "Automatic adjustment".
  3. We open Mojo.
  4. Now we choose the Sources tab, we touch in the Mojo repository and we will see everything that is available.
  5. We install any application.
  6. When we see the pop-up window to accept the installation, we exit with the start button.
  7. Let's go quickly to Settings / General / Date and time, we set a date of 2012 and return to the home screen. If the application says it could not be downloaded, we will retry in the pop-up window.
  8. It may not be the first, so we tried to reinstall until it succeeds. It may happen that we see an intermittent pop-up window that says it cannot be installed. If this happens, we accept, restart the device and try again. Upon restart, the installation will be successful.

Mojo is, as long as we get it to work, a great alternative to other systems, such as iEmulators. Keep in mind that this type of system works with corporate certificates, so it is easy to revoke the one we are using and we can not continue enjoying an application. The more options available, the less chance we have of revoking the certificate we are using.

Did this method work for you?

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