HEX launches its new Star Wars iPhone cases

The brand of accessories for iPhone and Mac HEX has announced its new collection of iPhone cases based on Star Wars movies. Made of genuine leather and with different models available for iPhone, all of them include in their design some of the best known characters in the famous movie saga, such as R2D2 or cousin Darth Vader.

The covers are available in several colors with different characters, and there are three different models: back cover, cover with cover and zip cover, including these two the possibility of storing cards in the front cover. We show you the models below with their prices for each device.

iPhone 7 and 8

Star Wars Snap Case (back cover) – $ 49.95

Star Wars Wallet (book type) – $ 59.95

Star Wars Zipper Wallet (zipper) – $ 59.95

iPhone 7 Plus and 8 Plus

Star Wars Snap Case – $ 59.95

Star Wars Wallet – $ 69.95

Star Wars Zipper Wallet – $ 69.95

iPhone X

Star Wars Snap Case – $ 49.95

Star Wars Wallet – $ 59.95

Star Wars Zipper Wallet – $ 59.95

Each of the characters is associated with a color that represents it: Darth Vader in the black covers, R2D2 in the gray ones, StormTrooper in the white ones and Boba Fett in the brown ones.

The covers are the result of HEX's collaboration with Disney, so the use of the characters and Lake Star Wars is official, and they are made of genuine quality leather, with the case where the iPhone is made of polycarbonate. It is undoubtedly pieces that will delight fans of the movies, and that are already available for purchase on the official website of the brand for the prices indicated above. Unfortunately, although they ship worldwide, prices for transportation are high, so we will have to wait until the covers are available in other stores such as Amazon or Macníficos. We have already asked the brand for it and we are waiting for your response that we will communicate here.

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