HomePass, the app that Apple forgot to add to HomeKit

HomeKit is slowly making its way and There are many of us who use a device related to Apple's home automation platform every day. A hobby that is very addictive and that thanks to the increase of manufacturers that offer us accessories at increasingly affordable prices is becoming increasingly popular.

Anyone who has used any of these accessories will know the famous stickers that include the configuration code, essential to be able to add the accessory to our particular HomeKit. HomePass is an application that very quickly and easily allows us to save the codes of all our accessories for future uses, and also syncs with iCloud so they are safe. We show you below.

If you have configured an accessory compatible with HomeKit, surely you have scanned one of the stickers I am talking about with your camera. And if you have ever had to reset that accessory and reconfigure it, surely you have given thanks for not having removed that sticker, because without it any effort to try to add the accessory to our HomeKit will be useless. It's that strange but that true: if you lose the sticker you cannot add the accessory to HomeKit. Apple has not thought that the stickers can fall, or that the boxes and manuals (where there are usually copies of the stickers) are usually thrown away. Without Apple's solution for this problem, we could only write in a note the activation codes of our accessories and store them in a safe place.

HomePass for HomeKit is an application that comes to the rescue and offers us a perfect solution to keep the codes comfortably and always have them at hand. The application allows you to recover the accessories that we already have added to HomeKit (and new ones) and cWith the simple step of scanning with the camera the code will be saved forever. If we have the accessory one added to HomeKit, it will automatically collect your data (name, type of accessory, room, etc.), and since everything is stored in iCloud, we should not worry about losing it or formatting our iPhone.

HomePass for HomeKit

Sunya Limited

€ 3.49

The application It costs € 3.49 and its developer is constantly improving it by adding new features, so it deserves every penny of what it is worth. If you are starting in the world of HomeKit and want to be calm with your activation codes always at hand, HomePass is an essential application.

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