How to change the Live Photos key photo shown in iOS Photos

One of the best options that Apple could add to the photos with our iPhone was to give them life thanks to small clips that are recorded in the images we took. This came thanks to the Live Photos. It is true that not all models are compatible, but that this function It is compatible from iPhone 6S model onwards.

However, you will have seen that when you want to take a look at your photo library in the «Photos» application, only one image of all the ones collected in the recorded sequence is displayed. This picture It is known as «Key Photo». And if you think that many of them do not show the best part of the Live Photo you have captured, we let you know that you can change that image shown, by default, in the photo library. So take note and make changes quickly.

To access the photographs that have the Live Photo effect, you must enter your iOS Photos application and search in «Albums». Once inside you will see that there are different folders that agglutinate all the photos with «selfies», «portraits», the «time-lapse», etc. Y one of the folders includes all the "Live Photos" that you have carried out. Well, get in it.

Take a tour of all the captures you have in this folder and select a photo; the one you think the thumbnail shown in the photo library does not represent the best of this image. Once inside, you will see that in the upper right you have the option of «Edit». Go ahead.

Then all the editing options of this image will appear on the screens. And one of them is that at the bottom of the image – it is supposedly the key photo that iOS has chosen -, a carousel appears with all the shots that make up the Live Photo in question. To know what is the key photo of the moment, about it – always talking about the carousel – a small white dot will appear when you decide to move around the carousel.

To change this key photo, move your finger along the carousel, choose the best photo that describes the moment; Above you will see the option “Take a key photo”, mark it and click on the “Ok” of the lower mark. And voila, the key photo will be changed. What do you think you should return to the original key photo? The original white point is still blurred.

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