How to convert photos in HEIF format to traditional formats such as JPEG

The new HEIF format in which photographs of Cupertino phones such as the iPhone are saved results in certain incompatibilities on certain Windows computers, even in some cases also with macOS and Apple products. We explain how you can view, manage and convert photos in HEIF format to traditional formats such as JPEG.

Stay with us in this new and simple iPhone News tutorial where you can do everything you want with the photographs or files in format HEIF de quickly and easily.

What is the HEIF format?

To reduce the size of the files, some devices such as the iPhone allow you to save the photos in the high efficiency HEIF / HEVC format. It is also a format that allows you to store video and that is giving great results at the level of compression and reproduction. It contrasts with the traditional JPEG format with H.264 codec, however, we can only store video in 4K at 60 FPS or in 1080p at 240 FPS (the highest quality offered by the iPhone X camera) in the high efficiency format HEIF.

Millions of users already take advantage of this storage mechanism since the arrival of iOS 12 and especially from macOS Sierra, a system highly used by designers and producers of audiovisual content. This new compression codec It is able to reduce by 50% the space that a video recorded at 4K resolution occupies in memory, which entails benefits in the economy of internal memory.

How can I stop storing my content in HEIF format?

The iPhone gives us the possibility to configure what format we choose when storing content, by default it seems to be configured in the “high efficiency” HEIF codec, so we must follow the following instructions If what we want is to store the files in the usual JPEG / H.264 format and thus be able to reproduce it on the device that we want without too many difficulties.

  1. Open the app Settings of your iPhone
  2. Go to the section Camera within the options
  3. Choose the option Formats within the camera settings in iOS
  4. We are shown the format High efficiency which is the HEIF / HEVC format, and the second option is The most compatible, that is, the usual JPEG / H.264
  5. If we click on The most compatible we will stop using the compressed HEIF format and we will not have problems to edit or reproduce this type of content

That easy This is how we can configure the iPhone to stop storing content in the high efficiency HEIF / HEVC format although our memory will suffer the consequences.

Convert online from HEIF to JPEG

The first option is the most common and simple, does not require any additional software, we simply have in our hands the HEIF file that we are going to transform and go to the next LINK where we found a website that will allow us Quickly change the HEIF or HEIC format directly to JPEG without too much trouble, Simply upload the file to your server and allow us to download it but in JPEG format.

This method is the fastest, as we have said, but It will only be available when we have internet connection, and if the file is too large we will have problems, so it would be better to look for alternatives that do not require an internet connection.

Convert HEIF to JPEG with programs

There are some programs on the market that will allow us to perform this type of conversion, it is quite common to find software firms that are dedicated precisely to solve these problems without the need to resort to much processing or waste too much time. An example is iMazing HEIC Converter, a system that will allow us to install a tool on both Windows and Mac that allows us to transfer our HEIF or HEIC files and transform them directly into JPEG or JPG.

You can download the tool for free in THIS LINK to prove it However, we remind you that it is a software that provides a free trial, so we can not use it whenever we want, if we like the program we will have to acquire it in the usual ways.

How to play HEIF / HEVC files from Android

Android is an almost infinite range of possibilities, so how could it be otherwise, we can play content with the new HEIF / HEVC format directly with the application Luma, which you can download at THIS LINK quickly and install it as .APK. These are all the possibilities we have to play, convert and transform any type of high efficiency file recorded with an iPhone without too many problems.

As usual, if you have good ideas or interesting alternatives do not hesitate to leave it in the list of comments This way we can help you easily and quickly solve your problems with the high efficiency HEIF format that Apple has launched.

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