How to create a box with wireless charging for AirPods

The news around the new version of Apple's wireless headphones will arrive next year. The new AirPods will not have a new design, but the novelties come from the hand of its transport and cargo box. So far, if you wanted to load the box you had to go, yes or yes, to use a cable with a port lightning. In the new version of AirPods this box can be charged wirelessly using the Qi standard.

However, as always, waiting times are unbearable. Hence a user — and reader of the publication Redmondpie-, after getting an iPhone 8 and an iPhone X, which can be charged with any Qi base in the market, I didn't want to go back to the cables. So he has managed to do that your AirPods box can be wirelessly charged. We tell you how he did it:

image: Redmondpie

We let you know that you should not have much technical knowledge, because you should not make any changes to the internal circuits of the AirPods box. Now, you should know that the appearance of the cargo box of your AirPods will change its appearance. Hence you must make several purchases to hide the "hack".

Steps and components to make your AirPods compatible with wireless charging

You must first get a Qi receiver that you can find, for example, on Amazon. This receiver must be adapted so that it does not stand out from the measurements of the Airpods box.

The next thing will be to connect this Qi receiver to the lightning port of the box. You will see at the end you will have the connector that you must insert in the box of the Apple wireless headphones. Y so that everything is well attached, it is best to use some adhesive tape.

As you will have seen, the truth is that Right now the outside of your AirPods case is nothing aesthetic. So, like our main user of this hack, you should get a protective case like this. Quiet because the receiver will not make the Airpods box too fat; that is, you should not have any problem when inserting it in the silicone protective case. If you try this deal, you will tell us how it worked for you.

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