How to delete applications and gain space on your iPhone or iPad

Now that the month of July has started and that many of you will be on vacation or, hopefully, about to start soon, we will give a new twist to the internal storage of your iPhone and iPad devices because probably throughout the year You have accumulated applications and data that you really do not need but that are occupying a valuable place in your terminal.

Given that you will spend much more time away from your WiFi network, you may want to have more space on your iPhone or iPad to, for example, download your favorite Netflix movies and series and enjoy them anywhere offline (at less on that is what I think for my next days at the beach). So today you IPhone News we are going to show you several methods to delete applications on your iPhone or iPad and so, by the way, you do a little cleaning on your terminal.

Hello space, goodbye useless applications

Most iPhone and iPad users are characterized by two things: The storage space of our terminals is limited and it can't be expanded, and we have a lot of applications that we don't use at all. The abundance of offers and promotions in the App Store, together with our desire to discover and try new apps, lead us to download uncontrolled applications that finally become obsolete, occupying a valuable space that we could dedicate to aspects that interest us much more, especially if they are games that we no longer use, as they are the apps that take up the most space.

In addition, having so many applications these also accumulate in your iTunes library and updates, as well as unnecessary (because you do not use them) are frequent. Thus, it is good that from time to time we review and clean apps on our iPhone and iPad freeing up precious storage space. To do this, you can implement any of the following formulas:

Make them tremble

It is the fastest and classic way to erase applications on our iOS devices: make them tremble, but not scary. To do this, you simply must press and hold any icon on the screen until everyone starts shaking. You will see that in the upper left corner of each of them (of the apps that can be deleted) an “X” appears. Click on that symbol and then select "Delete" in the pop-up window. Remember that this way you will erase both the application and the stored data, therefore, if you intend to use it in the future, you may prefer to keep the data, configurations, levels completed … Go to another option if so.

From Settings

Another way to delete applications on an iOS device: Open the “Settings” app and follow the General path → Storage and Use of iCloud; Select the storage option and click on the option to manage. You will see that the applications are displayed according to the space used, which is very useful because that way you will know which applications occupy the most. It is also very useful if you only need to free a specific space, for example, to download a movie. Select the app you want to delete and click Remove application.

From iTunes

If you have many many applications on your device, you may find it difficult to remember what they are for. In that case, my advice is to eliminate them (if you don't know what they are for, what do you want them for?). But if you prefer to make sure, and not to go one by one, you can take advantage of the moment you look at the pending updates in your iTunes library.

When you see an application in the Update section that you no longer use, right click on it and choose the option "Remove from library". This removes the app from your iTunes library and also the update notification. The next time you sync your iOS device, the applications you have deleted from your iTunes library will be removed from your devices.

This can also be done from the Library of Applications in iTunes on your computer, both so that they are not copied back to your iPhone or iPad, or to remove them from your computer because, if you are going to delete applications through method 1 or 2 , you should know that the apps will remain in iTunes on your Mac or PC.

And now that you have much more free space on your devices, take full advantage of it!

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