How to disable iOS 10 lock screen widgets

Many users are currently using iOS 10 betas, after the company opened the program for any public users could install the public betas of this tenth version of iOS. In addition to the aesthetic renewal that this new version has received, Apple has given special importance to widgets and notifications on the lock screen, widgets that at many times can show personal information that we do not want to share with anyone who can access to the terminal, even if we have it protected with our fingerprint or through numerical code.

Fortunately, if we don't want anyone to have access to our widgets where information about our person is displayed, iOS 10 offers us the possibility to deactivate that window, so that we will only have two options from the lock screen: the lock screen itself to unlock the device and where notifications are displayed and access to the camera by turning the screen to the left. Here’s how we can prevent widgets from being displayed on the lock screen.

Prevent widgets from being displayed on the iOS 10 lock screen

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<p>This process <strong>requires that our terminal be protected by a numerical code or through the fingerprint,</strong> otherwise, we will not be able to prevent those widgets from being displayed. This is a logical step since we do not want anyone who can access our terminal to have access to those widgets or the information we store in our terminal.</p>
<li>First of all we have to go to <strong>Settings</strong>.</li>
<li>Within Settings we search <strong>Touch ID and Code</strong>.</li>
<li>If we do not have the code or the protection with Touch ID activated, we will have to do so in order to access the option that allows us to block access to the widgets.</li>
<li>Now we have to <strong>go to the section</strong> <em>Allow access while locked</em>.</li>
<li>Within that section, we will have to <strong>uncheck the tab</strong> <em>Today</em>. If we also want that <strong>notifications not shown</strong>, we must also uncheck the following option <em>Notifications display</em>.</li>
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