How to download exclusive iPhone X wallpapers

Each new launch of the iPhone usually comes accompanied by new wallpapers, animated wallpapers that have become one of Apple's claims, since during the first months it is only available to users of the new model, but in subsequent updates he adds them so that Any compatible device can enjoy them.

The new iPhone X, as usual, comes from the hand of several animated wallpapers, backgrounds that allow us to give life to the background of our device as well as the lock screen. If you want to download the new iPhone X animated wallpapers, keep reading.

While Apple does not offer them in the form of an iOS update, users are forced to perform a series of processes in order to install them on our device. The process It is not complicated and it will only take us more than a minute.

Install iPhone X live wallpapers

  • First we must download the Imgur application, a free application that you can download through the link that I leave below.

Imgur – Meme & GIF Maker

Imgur, Inc.


  • Then we will go to the Safari browser and enter the following address when it opens, it will offer us the option to open it with the application We just installed. Press and open it with the application.
  • Now we just have to save each of the videos on our reel
  • Then we go back to the App Store to download intoLive application, an application that allows us to convert videos into Live Photos. Once we have converted each video, we store them on the reel.

intoLive – Create live photo

ImgBase, Inc.4.5

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