How to download our entire music library to iPhone

With an iOS device with 32GB of storage it is logical that we have to manage the content to not run out of space. This is minimized if our device has 64GB and is virtually eliminated with a 128GB model. This year, to not buy the 32GB iPhone 7 Plus, I bought a superior model with more space than I need. With that storage, I considered the possibility of copy all my iTunes music library to iPhone.

Apple is a company that is characterized by providing many things, being the iPhone camera one of the best examples. But there are also things that seem to have not thought and make us think what would be the best way to get some tasks done. iTunes offers us the possibility to copy our entire music library to the iPhone, but to get it this way we will have to physically connect the iPhone to our Mac or PC. Yes we are subscribed to Apple Music and what we want is to download it to the iPhone without connecting it to our computer, including the new songs that we add, we will have to follow the process that we detail below.

Download our music library to iPhone

Before starting to apply the steps, I insist that you need to be subscribed to Apple Music to be able to carry out this process. The reason is that this method makes use of an iCloud library that we will not have access to if we are not subscribed to Apple's streaming music service. Making this clear, the secret is to create a play list. With this in mind, we will download our entire iCloud library to our iPhone by following these steps:

  1. We open iTunes.
  2. On Mac, we press the CMD + ALT + S keys to bring up the side panel, in case you don't have it visible. In Windows, if I'm not mistaken, you have to do it from the iTunes menus.
  3. We right-click on the sidebar to bring up the options and select "Create ingeligente playlist".

  1. All right. Here we have to configure what interests us. In my case, in which I only want to pass the music that has been stored locally on the Mac, I have created a list called “Local Music” whose content has to comply with the rules:
    • Music items – marked.
    • Album illustration is – true. This is valid for my own library because I have it well organized and all the songs have their cover.
    • Location – is located – this computer.
  • Logically, everyone has to configure at this point what they prefer. If you want the entire library to be copied regardless of whether it is on the computer or in iCloud, a good idea may be to set the rule here “Duration – is greater than – 00:01”, which will make any song that has more than a second go to the list we are creating.
  1. Check the box that says "Update in real time." Thus, any new song that we add to our library will go to the list. The list should be as in the following screenshot:
  1. OPTIONAL: we click on the image and add a cover.
  2. We would have finished with iTunes, but we will have to wait for the complete list to be created.
  3. Now, from the iPhone we go to the Library, select the Lists section and choose the list we just created.
  4. Finally, we touch on the cloud icon with the down arrow to download the list. In the capture that I have included, I have had to choose another list because my “Local Music” list is already complete on my iPhone.

Depending on the size of your library, it will take more or less to download. The iPhone is also likely to get hot if it takes a long time to download all the music, but it is normal. Hereinafter, when we restore and we want to download our entire music library we will only have to do steps 7, 8 and 9. Did this tutorial help you?

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