How to download videos from Facebook on iPhone: apps you can use

Are you looking for How to download videos from Facebook on iPhone? Every day there are many users who check your wall on Facebook to see the latest news of his friends, family, people who follow, companies, associations … Many of them usually post videos on the service that Facebook has destined for it, like Twitter. The only way to share the videos that are uploaded to Facebook is through a link to the Facebook page where you are or by sharing it on our wall.

But even if it seems strange, not everyone has Facebook or uses it regularly. Many other users prefer Twitter instead of the social network par excellence used by more than 1.6 billion people, so sometimes we need to download the odd video to share it directly through the different messaging platforms such as Telegram, WhatsApp, Line …

Unfortunately, Facebook is not interested in downloading videos from its platform, since it cannot control the number of reproductions and add advertising in each one for profitability the social network. What does allow us is to download photographs of any user, obviously including ours. If we want to download one of the videos that makes us funny and we want to share it with other people who do not use the social network we have two options.

On the one hand we have the option to download Facebook videos on iPhone through the different applications that allow us to also download videos from YouTube. Not all applications allow it but then we will show you with one the one that is possible. Another way to download videos is through Jailbrek with the tweak that allows us to download videos directly from the Facebook application, and without using third-party applications.

How to download Facebook videos on iPhone without Jailbreak

The application Turbo Downloader – Amerigo, is the ideal application to download any video content available on the internet. While it is true that it is an expensive application, it is available in the App Store for 4.99 euros, if you usually download videos from YouTube and other streaming video services, you will surely see how it compensates you to download the application. It also allows us to download movies or series from the websites that allow them to be viewed via streaming.

To download the videos from Facebook, we just have to make use of the integrated browser offered by the application. Once we are in the video in question, we just have to start playback and the application will automatically show us that it has found a video that can be downloaded. The next step is to confirm if we want to download it or not.

Amerigo, save all downloaded videos within the application and we can share them directly from it, or pass them to the reel of our iPhone to share them directly from there. I have tried other applications to download videos, but all of them have given me different results and in most cases I had to load the web page several times for the application to find the video to download.

The developer of Amerigo, previously had a free version with advertising of the same that It offered us the same functions but viewing ads and suffering some limitation, but for a few months, they have raised the price of the payment application and eliminated the one that was offered for free.

I have commented above that in the App Store we can find a large number of applications that allow us to download videos from YouTube, but not all of them are compatible with Facebook videos. I have recommended Amerigo, despite its price, because it works best. In addition to compatibility with any website, it is the app to download videos from Facebook and other platforms that has a higher score on the App Store.

Amerigo – File Manager

IdeaSolutions S.r.l.5

How to download Facebook videos on iPhone with Jailbreak

The other option that we show you is the fastest and most useful option if we are Jailbreak users, since it does not require that we install any other application to download them. We are talking about Prenesi tweak, a tweak available in the BigBoss repo for free and that is integrated into the Facebook application.

Once we have installed the tweak, which does not have configuration options, we will not find any icon of it. From this moment the tweak will offer us a new option in the videos that are shown in the application, with the name Download this video. By clicking on that option, the video will start downloading immediately and will be saved on our reel, from where we can share it with the different messaging applications or store it to play it when we feel like it.

Now that you know how to download videos from Facebook on iPhoneTell us if you know any other method to get them. Do you use any other app to download videos from Facebook that we have not mentioned?

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