How to fix Bluetooth problems in iOS 12

We have been testing betas from the beginning iOS 12, one of the versions that has led to more test systems in recent years, it is clear that Apple is putting a lot of effort into everything ready for next September 12 with the Keynote launch of the new iPhone scheduled for 2018.

But nevertheless, iOS 12 also does not come free of errors, many users report a constant error in the Bluetooth connection, we help you solve it. Follow the instructions that we leave below if you want to solve the problems with the Bluetooth present in iOS 12, as always in iPhone News easy tutorials to get the most out of your iPhone or iPad.

It is not a problem too widespread, however it has caused many ups and downs among the staunch users of the AirPods (among which I am). The benefit of Bluetooth headphones disappears when your iPhone has connection problems, the same happens with an accessory such as Apple Watch or for example with wireless speakers, let's see some ways to fix it.

  • Remove the link and pair again: This is one of the traditional methods, you must go to Settings> Bluetooth and point to the device that we have paired, click on the “i” icon and choose the option "Forget device", then we simply match it again.
  • Turn off Bluetooth and restart the device: It is another fairly classic method, we would simply have to turn off the Bluetooth from settings (remember that the Control Center sometimes does not completely) and restart the device or turn it off, at our choice.
  • If none of this works for you: The last alternative is reset network settings, a functionality available within Settings> General> Reset, is the last possibility.

Finally we can always completely reset the device and reconfigure it, but given the proximity of the official version and future updates, it is better to wait.

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