How to follow Apple's Keynote live on iPhone News

It is a date that many of you already have in red on the calendar: September 12 at 7:00 p.m., Spanish peninsular time. It is the day and time when Apple will present its iPhone, the most anticipated smartphone of the year, the one that marks the path to be followed by the rest of the manufacturers.

Apple has confirmed that the event can be followed live, but if English is not your thing or just you want to follow him with us and participate with your opinion we have prepared our usual coverage both for the live event and for the post-Keynote in which we will analyze everything presented. We give you all the details below.

Follow the event live

During the event, starting a little before it, we will tell you everything Apple presents with great detail, including images, right here, just below these lines, in a window that will be activated together before the event and in which you can not only read the news but you can participate with your opinions, commenting on the iPhone News, Gadget News and SoydeMac team everything that happens.

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In addition to being able to follow it from this window, you can follow it on Twitter, where we will promptly inform you of everything that is presented to us, also with images. The blog will also publish articles with the information most relevant of each product or service presented in the Keynote. Everything you have to know about the Apple event you will have in our blog and on Twitter a second after it happens.

Keynote analysis in our podcast

In addition to the live tracking, about two hours after Apple's Keynote is over, we will have our live podcast on the YouTube channel to analyze everything presented. Information and analysis that you can see from 11:45 p.m. on September 12 live on YouTube, or a few hours later on your favorite podcast application (link)

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