How to get long exposure photos with the iPhone

That the camera of mobile phones have become the most used solutions by users to take pictures on any site is a fact. In addition, thanks to this demand, the mobile photography capabilities have gone in crescendo. Although maybe, this part more notoriety has been achieved in the high-end terminals.

The iPhone is one of the equipment that offers more possibilities when taking pictures. And more if we have an iPhone 6S onwards. Why? Because with this model we were presented with a new way of taking animated photographs, also known as «Live Photos». But nevertheless, With the arrival of iOS 11 to the market, these screenshots took more prominence and new effects could be added. And one of them is the one that refers to the long exposure. From now on, getting snapshots with a long exposure effect will be possible. Let's see how to do it.

What are long exposure photos?

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The first thing we must tell you is that this technique is difficult to carry out. In addition, hitting the shot also has its own. The most advanced users in photography will surely know what we are talking about. But to make a small summary, you will know that photo cameras capture images thanks to different parts of their mechanism. But basically this technique is to get that the camera shutter closes more slowly when we press the shutter button. This will make everything that happens – always in motion – translate into a single image. Hence those striking results.

First thing: have the Live Photos option activated

In order to achieve this long exposure effect on the iPhone, the first thing we should have is the Live Photos option active; otherwise it will be impossible to give effect to the shot. You will see that at the top of the app from «Camera» of the iPhone different icons appear – Five to be exact.

Right in the middle of the top you will see an icon with different circles. This one will be in yellow and with a sign of a flash below. This you will indicate that Live Photo mode is activated. Now you just have to focus and hit with the image capture. He thinks that there must be movement in that capture so that later we have that effect embodied in the photograph; that is, if you photograph a landscape with all the static elements, the iPhone can hardly achieve a long exposure effect on this shot.

Now, if we take a picture pointing to a road with a lot of traffic – at night it will be more spectacular -, we could get a long exposure photograph with incredible effects. That is why the basis on which the effect of the iPhone is based must be good.

The second: look for that image in Photos

Once we have the capture made, it will be time to go to the iPhone «Photos» application. At the bottom we will have different options: photos, memories, shared and albums. The one that interests us is this last option. Inside we will have different folders and one of them will be called «Live Photos».

Inside will be the capture – and all others – that have been taken with this active function. Eye, if we have not taken many more photos after that shot that interests us, also the We will quickly find the "Photos" option in the lower menu. When opening it we will have that image the first.

Third and last: reproduce the image and apply the long exposure filter

We are just one step away from achieving our desired result. After opening the Live Photo that interests us, we will see that by pressing firmly on it, the elements of the image come to life. While pressing the image, swipe up; A new menu will appear before you. Exact, are the effects that you can apply to that Live Photo. And are next: Live, Buble, Bounce and Long Exposure.

As you have already imagined, it is the latter that interests us. After choosing that effect, this will be applied directly to the image And, if we are right with the base shot, the result will be worthy of being shared with your friends and family.

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