How to improve the autonomous pauprrima of your iPhone 6s

We continue to bingo with the incipient battery problems that the iPhone 6s dragged since the arrival of iOS 10. Although the Cupertino company has confirmed certain factory defects in the models of a given run, the reality is that it is the immense Most iPhone 6s devices are having the problem. We have been able to realize that in many cases it is the 6s devices that have the processor manufactured by Samsung that are having these problems with iOS 10. In short, We are going to give you some small tips to maximize the autonomy of the iPhone 6s.

And it is touching the unbearable battery consumption that the iPhone 6s is having since the arrival of iOS 10. The reality is that in iPhone News We have tested iOS 10.3 in its first phase of Beta in case it brought us as a novelty a considerable improvement of the battery In this device, but nothing is further from reality, the battery not only does not improve with iOS 10.3 B1, but worsens if possible.

So, we go there with some small tips to make the battery of your iPhone 6s last as long as possible, however, we warn you that you will continue to have serious problems to arrive with sufficient autonomy at the end of the day to be calm.

Attentive to applications and their execution in the background

Unfortunately, we all use WhatsApp as the main instant messaging service, as this is one of the applications that consumes the most battery in the background. WhatsApp Web and always active WhatsApp groups are largely to blame. Therefore, we recommend you go to the section Settings> General> Background update and disable WhatsApp control. In this way, you will notice a small increase in autonomy, although if you do not have excessively active groups, the difference will not be large either. I repeat, it is these active groups throughout the day that wreak havoc with the battery.

This mechanism can be transferred to other applications that also make excessive battery consumption in the background, interestingly all owned by Facebook, we effectively talk about Messenger, Instagram and the native Facebook application.

Location, frequent locations and other battery eaters

We are going to go first to Settings> Privacy> Location, we will take a slight look to uncheck all those applications that have “Always” access to the location of the device, another important battery consumption, we will leave it activated only for “When used”, so we will save unnecessary consumption.

But the key is not here, the key is in certain system services, which sincerely most of us would not use, but well that consume battery. Therefore, we will go down to “System services"And we will see the list of configurations, the first to deactivate will be"Frequent locations"And all of"Recommendations by location”Or iAds, it’s not necessary to control our location to advertise…

Attentive to the brightness of the screen, it is not necessary to the maximum

The brightness of the screen is another major consumer of the device's battery. Regrettably, iPhone does not have AMOLED technology, it means that the illumination of the screen is by means of LEDs after it, therefore, they cannot turn on only the pixels we want, a fact that saves a considerable amount of battery. Therefore, it is important that we manage the screen brightness well.

First we will go to Settings> Display and brightness To activate the automatic brightness, this is quite interesting, since if we have the brightness sensor calibrated well, we will have a suitable brightness for each of the conditions. So we will save battery, and it is quite interesting.

If we see that it is not right calibrated The trick lies in targeting that section, minimize brightness, disable automatic brightness and get into a totally dark room. Then, we will activate the automatic brightness again and it will have calibrated to the new brightness conditions.

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