How to install another WhatsApp ms on your iPhone without Jailbreak

Having two WhatsApp numbers on your iPhone is something that many would surely come with pearls to avoid having to carry two phones on top, but the messaging service application is limited to one number per device, and it is impossible to install two applications WhatsApp on your iPhone, or at least it was until now, because There is a very simple way to do it and it is not necessary to be a developer for it, or have the Jailbreak done. We explain it step by step with images and all the necessary instructions.


We will use WhatsApp ++, an unofficial application that until now was only available for devices with Jailbreak, but that now and thanks to Cydia Impactor can be easily installed on devices without Jailbreak done. To do this we need:

  • Cydia Impactor, which you can download for Mac, Windows and even Linux from this link.
  • WhatsApp ++, whose “ipa” file can be downloaded from this link.
  • A smartphone with the phone number that we are going to use in this new WhatsApp, where they will send us the message with the activation code.
  • An Apple account, you don't need to be a developer.


With the iPhone connected to our computer via USB cable (always recommended to be original or certified to avoid problems) we run Cydia Impactor. In the application window we must see our iPhone to certify that it has been detected correctly.

All you have to do is drag the “ipa” file that we downloaded before to the Cydia Impactor window, and the signing process to install it on our iPhone will automatically start. We will then be asked for our Apple user and password. You can use your usual one, it is not necessary to be a developer, or create a no associated credit card for these needs, which is what I personally recommend.

After a few seconds the application will be filmed with your account and it will also be installed on your iPhone, without having to use Xcode or iTunes, or complex certificate installation procedures or anything similar. But you are not done yet, because to use it before you have to take a couple more steps.

Because if you run the application that just appeared on your springboard you will get the message that the developer is not reliable. Enter the system settings, in General> Profile and device management, click on the profile of your account that you have used for Cydia Impactor, and then click on “Trust”. Now you can use the WhatsApp ++ application with a different phone number than the main one of your iPhone.

WhatsApp ++, more configuration options

This application is a vitamin WhatsApp, with more configuration options than the official app enjoys. This configuration menu is accessed from the “configuration” tab that you have on the bottom right, within the application itself, and just below your profile you will see the “WhatsApp ++ Settings” menu, with configuration options such as text color, being able to send unlimited photos, theme customization, etc.

WhatsApp ++ limitations

Everything can't be perfect, and having this application installed on your iPhone has some drawbacks:

  • This procedure is valid for one week, since it is what the "free" developer certificate lasts. If you have an official developer account and use it in Cydia Impactor it lasts one year. Once it expires you will have to repeat the procedure from the beginning and reinstall the application signed with Cydia Impactor.
  • Push notifications do not work well, sometimes they arrive without problems but sometimes they do not arrive, so you will have to enter the application to see if you have messages periodically.
  • Once you activate your WhatsApp account on the iPhone, you will not be able to use that same account on another phone or it will be deactivated and you will have to reconfigure it.
  • It would not be the first time WhatsApp blocks users who use unofficial applications, it is a risk that you should know before using WhatsApp ++.

Despite all these inconveniences, We are many who appreciate being able to have another WhatsApp account on our device and save us having to carry another phone on top.

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