How to move apps more simply with two fingers

Surely more than one of you gets a little obfuscated when you have to organize or transfer applications from one screen to another on the iPhone, iPad or iPod. The point is that with the 3D Touch on the iPhone the task gets a bit more complicated and sometimes it costs a little more than normal to get to highlight the applications so that they "are shaking" literally and they can move, but once we have them ready then the task gets a little more complicated if we want to move them to new pages.

In any case once we have the point caught to pass or delete applications, it can be somewhat complicated to perform the task with just one finger, so today we will see how to perform this step in a much simpler way with two fingers.

Move page apps or add them to folders

This is not something we do every day but the occasions that we have to turn page apps or add them to folders on the iPhone can be somewhat cumbersome, so the solution is to use two fingers together to turn the pages in a more Simple, fast and effective. To perform this task we will need both hands free, so it is best to leave the iPhone, iPad or iPod on the table and once we have the application shaking, we simply have to press on it with one finger and with the other hand and two fingers slide to the side of the screen that we want take her

Remember that if there are points to the left or right of the central bright spot, we can drag our application to the right side of the screen to move the application to the next page in that direction and if there are no points to the right of the central bright spot , at the time of dragging the application to that side a new page will be created In our idevice.

To add the application to a folder or even remove it, we can use this same trick of both fingers and it will become something easier to perform. Surely many of you already knew this "trick" but for those who did not know that enjoy it since The task becomes much simpler.

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