How to prevent Apple from listening to all our conversations

In a very recent way and chaining numerous scandals by Amazon and Facebook regarding privacy, it seems that the company that bears the protection of the right to privacy also puts its grain of sand in this listen to our conversations “without our permission".

However, there is always a developer willing to help us and protect our privacy in the easiest way possible, isn't it? We show you how you can prevent Apple from listening to all the conversations you have with Siri with this setting from your iPhone, easy and simple.

According The Guardian, Cupertino's company has outsourced a company in charge of listening to our conversations with Siri, These conversations are analyzed by these technicians, regardless of their content and the personal details contained therein. In theory, Apple does this to improve Siri, and its virtual assistant is staying a few steps below Alexa and Google Assistant, its most direct rivals. These are the simple steps that you must follow to carry out the installation of the profile that will prevent this company outsourced by Apple from listening to your conversations with Siri and something else:

  1. Enter from your iPhone in the link We leave you below to download the profile> LINK
  2. Accept and download the profile
  3. Go to Settings> General> Profiles and gives confidence to the profile to be able to make it work

This profile will prevent your Siri data and your conversations from going to the server where they will review and analyze them, in theory, to improve Siri's performance. It's that easy to avoid being spied on by Apple, Meanwhile, as was the case with batteries and their performance, it is a good time for Apple to demonstrate its true intentions and activate a switch in the settings that allow us to avoid this.

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